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The aramid fiber is an aromatic polyamide fiber which possesses excellent physical mechanical properties.

THE ® Meta-aramid, poly(meta-phenyleneisophthala mide), is an aromatic polyamide fiber which possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties . Because of its outstanding flame-proof and heat-resisting properties     THE ® Meta-aramid can be applied widely in    filtration, thermal protective apparel and honeycombed structure materials,etc.

   Heat resistance THE ® Meta-aramid fibre offers outstanding heat resistance, being resistant to melting even after many hours of exposure to heat. 75% of original strength is retained after exposure to dry-heat of 200°C for 1000 hours. 60% of original strength is retained after exposure to wet-heat at 120°C for 1000 hours.

   Flame resistance The Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of THE ® Meta-aramid fibre is over 28%. (Table 4 shows the test results of the flame retardancy properties of fibre). It is a flame retardant fibre that will not burn, melt or drip. Above 370°C THE ® meta-aramid fibre will start to carbonise and decompose.

   Heat insulating properties THE ® Meta-aramid fibre has excellent heat insulating properties. These and its high dielectric strength enable Class-H (up to 180°C) insulating paper to be manufactured from it, giving wide application in the production of transformers, dynamos, motors and other forms of high temperature and high voltage electric equipment.

   Resistance to chemicals THE ® Meta-aramid fibre exhibits very good resistance to many chemicals. It is resistant to most strong inorganic acid and shows excellent resistance to alkalis at room temperature.

   Good textile properties THE ® Meta-aramid fibre's low stiffness and high elongation give excellent textile-like properties and characteristics, allowing processing on all types of conventional textile equipment. The staple version can be processed into yarns - or blended with other fibres - for the manufacture of knitted and woven fabrics as well as non-woven fabrics. Filament yarn can be converted into knitted and woven fabrics.

   Radiation resistance THE ® Meta-aramid fibre shows good resistance to α,β and ultraviolet radiation. For example, when THE ® fibre is exposed at 1000Mrad of β radiation accumulation, it shows no loss of strength.